Rubber Accelerator WL-101

  • Rubber Accelerator WL-101
Rubber Accelerator WL-101

Category:Xanthates Sulfur
Chemical Name:Diisopropylxanthogen Tetrasulfide
Molecular Formula:C8H14O2S6
Molecular Weight:334.55
CAS NO.69303-50-0

Xanthates Sulfur WL-101

Properties Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, acetone, benzene, gasoline, chloroform and petroleum ether etc organic solvents.

Applications Used in NR and latex,SBR and latex, and NBR and reclaimed rubber .. Mainly used in the manufacture of adhesive plaster,medical and surgery rubber products, rubber shoes, waterproof cloth, artesian mucilage and latex products, etc. It also used in molecular mass regulator when rubber aggregate , rubber processing accelerator.

PackagePlastic drum or lining material iron barrels packaging.

StorageStorage transportation, it is strictly prohibited contact with peroxide. Valid for 1 year.

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